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Embedding marduq in your project



Marduq is based around an API service. This site, and the whole editor are simply views on said API. If you want to make your own front end application with your own videoplayer you can do so using the MarduqJS framework. This is a node framework that connects directly to the API. This means you need to get an API key, which we provide per request. We can also help you set it up for your application. marduqjs pagina op Github where a library is waiting for him to makes his own marduq in Node.js

MarduqJS is only at version 0.1 and in an (early) alpha, but gives some good insights on how we're working with the API.

Api keys are available thtough the subscription (we'd be delighted to give you one). Just add it in your email to us, that you want a key.

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